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Bulletin of the Humanities Institute of ISUCT
СМИ: Эл № ФС77-79246        Выходит с 2020 года, один раз в год.
ISSN 2713 3338 (online)

Information for an Author

Publication conditions and procedure of reviewing papers

The electronic journal “Vestnik Gumanitarnogo universiteta  IGCTU” “Izvestia publishes  original research papers (10.000-20.000 printed signs) on a broad spectrum of humanities and interdisciplinary problems of humanities (culture studies, history, philosophy, psychology and higher school pedagogy,  philology, linguistics, literature studies, intercultural communication, etc) , as well as information on research conferences, reviews and critique.

The submitted manuscripts are to possess doubtless scientific novelty, contain research data, have theoretical or/and practical value, clear conclusions on the main research results.  (IMRAD format)

All the papers are reviewed (inner or outer peer review). The papers of the post- graduate students should be provided with the recommendation for publication from their research supervisor.

The manuscripts should be submitted via email: in MS WORD/Doc (or RTF) format . To be published, a paper is to meet the editorial board requirements of the text preparation: single space, 14 font of "Times New Roman" with 2 cm margins everywhere, with 1,5 line cm indentation. All the illustrations should be numbered, plots are made in Microsoft Excel. References are placed in the alphabetical order at the end of the paper. The ones in the text are in brackets, e.g: [1, p.14]

The manuscripts should contain the following data:

  • information on the authors: full name, scientific degree, title, affiliation
  • full indication of a higher school (research institute, etc) as a place of employment,
  • position;
  • email address;
  • abstracts in Russian and in English;
  • key words in Russian and in English;

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